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What Zeer Does

When you are in danger, say a Secret Safeword. Zeer then streams live video and location to your emergency contacts and first responders. So they know where you are and what is going on. By using AI and smart devices, Zeer creates a future free of fear.


Zeer is here for you, whenever you need us.

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Voice Activation

Zeer listens for your Secret Safeword or phrase and starts automatically

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Live Streaming 

Live stream video and location to Emergency contacts, while notifying First Responders

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Cloud Storage

Your video is saved to the cloud, with anonymous blockchain encryption, so your data is safe and no one can delete it but you

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Your Privacy is as important as your safety. We charge a small fee to keep you safe. We do not collect information we do not need and do not share your data. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I expect the Beta to be released?

The Beta version is now available. Please sign up to be the first to test Zeer. Provide feedback so we can build a better tool for your safety.


What can Zeer help me do?

Zeer records events around you when you do not feel safe. Zeer can quietly document footage of harassment or crimes. 

When you need emergency services, Zeer calls 911 while sending video and location to your friends and family.


What is the Secret 4 digit Passcode for?

Your 4 digit Secret PIN is very important. Without this, no one, including yourself, can delete, share, or edit your videos. More importantly, an attacker cannot delete evidence. Even law enforcement cannot, without your express permission or a court order, access your data.

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