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Dr. Monica Bajaj
Dr. Monica Bajaj

DEI Consultant

Dr. Monica Bajaj is a public school educator. She is a business teacher at New Oxford High School. She began her personal journey in India, where she was born and raised. She came to Gettysburg through NYC in 1991. She completed her masters in Management Information Systems and doctorate in Adult Education from Penn State, Harrisburg. Before becoming a public school educator, she was an adjunct faculty member at HACC, where she taught computer information systems.
She has been an active member of the community and associated with the YWCA since she moved to Gettysburg, first as a member and then the last few years she has been collaborating with the YWCA on various events and community events. Most recently she served as a moderator at the last forums on human trafficking and DEI for the local non-profits.

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